One of the Great what if's in the History of the Empire, the Battle of the Northern Bank was an engagement between the forces fo the the Empire at Harken and the Kingdom of Cote' de Nirn. The Empires main forces were engaged in border skirmishes in the Ipshesh Pass Mountains, defending against "barbarians" and this left the city with only its city guards and the local militias. The forces of the city of Cote' de Nirn saw this opportunity to attempt to quash the well organized machine forming on their southern borders and they took it. Dispatching a force(4,700 men) to attack Harken, the King organized the defense and instead of waiting in the city the King took what forces he had (1,500 men) and hid them on the southern bank of the Ella River. The forces of Cote' de Nirn, led by Duke Montgumend, made camp on on the Northern Bank of the river Ella.

Ella River Bank

South Bank of the Ella River

In the dark of the night, a moonless night, the Kings men spring from the shrubs on the opposite bank and quitely waded across the river bank, killing the guards on the campside and entering the camp. Battle erupted as the Kings men sprung on the camp. The Battle of the Northern Bank lasted roughly 4 hours as the soldiers on the far side of the camp were able to form a defense, but as dawn creeped over the battlefield, the remnant forces of Cote' de Nirn retreated north and were picked off by the victorious returning army of the Empire.

Only a few remaining soldiers limped back to the Cote' de Nirn and this sounded the deathnell for the city as it was lacking a military force to defend itself properly. Within 10 years it fell under the power of the King in Harken, giving the Empire its first port with which to launch a navy and oceanic trade missions. If the Empire had lost this battle, we might be praising the deeds of the Emperors from Cote' de Nirn rather then those in Perot (The official Imperial capital by Imperial Edict in the year 376 AV).