The city of Verand is arguably one of the most beautiful city's in the world. Its defenses are impressively impregnable and its doinancee in the east rivaled that of the Empire, it stands today as a symbol of all that we find nobel in rulership. At its start, founded on less then nobel principles, it became one of the pearls in the crown of the Vorenthian Empire. So much so that it became the location of the title of "King of the East" in the later ages of the Empire as the Empire became to large to rule from one place.

In addition to having one of the strongest land defenses, the city also has incredibly impresivee sea walls and a strong navy to boot. It operates in a similar fashion to hte Republic of Formsdale however with the collapse of the Vorenthian Empire in early 1100's AV it has become the Eastern Kingdom of Verandessa, renewing its old despotic tradition.

Sigurd Wall

Sigurd Wall which protected the land bridge connectngg the city of Verand to the mainland. The Walls were so imposing that no army ever was able to take them until the invention of heavy seige guns in the late 1200's AV.