Davdak Vicamaros was a soldier in the Northern Guard of the Kingdom of Tiber defending the High Pass Mountains from EMpire encroachment. He has his claim to fame from the final great war between the Kingdom and the Empire. When the Empire launched its attack onto the fortresses of the High Pass mountains (occupied by Tiber forces) Davdak was stationed in the castle at Rhudlow Pass.

The Hero in the cold

Davdak was a Lieutenant of the 3rd Regiment which was stationed at the Castle. The commander ( a certann Galik Marcon) had been continually ordering scouting parties down the Empire side of the mountians. It was when Davdak was leading one of these parties that they found the 7th dividion of the Imperial army encamped in a valley ringed by mountains so as to keep them hidden. Davdak rushed his party back to the castle and informed the comanderr of his discovery. The castle went on alert and began siege preparations, as well as sending letters to the pther castles, and to the Army of the North stationed at the city of Shiloh.

When the warbegann many of the forts were not ready and were taken with ease, including 3 of the 5 High Pass fortresses. Only Rhudlow and Anek Castles remained however the commander at Rhudlow was killed int he fighting so its command was left to Davdak. Realizing that the castle could not be held against such a force if it continued to try to take it, Davdak sabatoged the castle with booby traps and then evacuated it with the roughly 337 men left under his command. The Third Regiment moved south and reported to the Northern Army Commander, Lord Horneiros.