Tiber Lake Island Castle (St
The Fishers

The Kingdom

The Royal Kingdom of Tiber stretched from "The Mouth" in the west al the way to the "Gulf of Endula" in the east, 1,600 miles east to west. From the "High Pass Mountains" in the north to the Southern Sea of Honesia in the south. Ruled from the capitla city, Tiber, the kingdom was the southern most kingodm on the large continent and was the home of the 12 tribes of the South. The Kingdom is made up of a collection of city states, 15 provinces and two protectorates, "Formsdale" and "The Galosan Stonelands".

The City

Early in the tirbal history of the South, the people of Tiber settled on the shores of the Great Lake (South of the Two Sisters Mountains), giving them a key trading position. The City was founded in 273 AV (or Year 0 for the people of Tiber) and it grew very quickly. The Great Lake's southern shore sat too low to run south in the fall and winter, but when the spring snowmelt feed the river south it created an opening all the way to the sea, 375 miles. The City itself sat on an isthmus with the main castle built on an island near the center of the lake. This made the city almost impregnable and to this day, it has never been taken.

Current Events

In the current era (The Era of Alexios II, 1123 AV (850 FT) we find the Kingdom facing the fractured empire of Vorentina to the north beyond the High Pass Mountains, its former Arch Enemy. It also faces a fracture of its own, with the open rebellion of 3 of the western provinces of Illan, Ent, and the Isle of Corbin.